When Walgreens hires, it’s a big job – but the company doesn’t reveal the job titles of its hires

In a recent interview with Mashable, Walgreen said it was hiring at least 50 people at its Walgreen’s retail locations across the country, in addition to a dozen associates, “and we’ll have another 50 people coming over from our retail partners.”

“We’re excited about this opportunity to grow and improve our stores and employees,” the company wrote in its announcement of the hiring spree.

“As we look to grow across the United States, we’re looking for more than just new talent to help us move beyond the first phase of the expansion.

We’re also looking for experienced and motivated people to help grow our business and build upon the success of our existing stores.”

According to Walgrees website, the company plans to open an additional 1,000 to 2,000 locations over the next three years, and will also be expanding into other areas of retail, including department stores and pharmacy.

The company previously opened a second-floor store at the New York Stock Exchange in April 2017.

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