Google News Australia jobs report 2018

Google is taking a step back from its “Google Jobs” initiative to focus on other projects, with a job announcement today announcing it has added three new roles to its workforce.

As part of the initiative, Google has now appointed a VP of Talent Development, as well as two new VP of Product, to lead the search giant’s global talent network.

The VP of talent development will be responsible for identifying the next generation of talent across all Google businesses and, working with other team members, developing and executing talent strategies for all of Google’s global workforce, the company said in a blog post.

Google’s announcement follows its announcement earlier this year that it would be opening a new $1bn office in the US, bringing the number of Google employees to 1,500.

It also comes as Google launches its new search and advertising services platform in the United States, with more than 50 new hires expected at its headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Earlier this year, Google also confirmed it was to open an office in Hong Kong, where it will employ about 100 people.

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