How to earn a career in health care jobs in Texas

Health care workers often need to do extra training in order to get hired as a physician, nurse, pharmacist or other doctor, but they can’t expect to earn enough to support a family.

That’s a fact that’s becoming more and more of a concern, and the result is that more and better jobs are being created, particularly in areas like nursing and pharmacy.

Job description for a pharmacist in Texas:Health care jobs:Health insurance coverage:Medical school:Doctorate in nursing:Nursing school:Teaching assistant in a school or community organization:Purchasing pharmacy drugs:Dental office:Dentist office:Physical therapist in a community group:Physician assistant:Dressage instructor:Home health care worker:Home healthcare aide:Child care provider:Child and adolescent home health care specialist:Associate director of education:Registered nurse:Certified nurse midwife:Nurse practitioner:Nurses aide:Registered nurses assistant:Registered pharmacist:Registered dental nurse:Registered physical therapist:Registered occupational therapist:Social worker:Student assistant:Student counselor:Student adviser:Student financial aid specialist:Student support assistant:Teacher of the month:Teachers assistant:Tests assistant:Community care worker in a hospital:Community health worker:Community social worker:Family and friends nurse:Child, youth and adolescent nurse:Teach assistant in nursing program:Nontraditional health care provider in an urban community:Public health nurse:Public Health Agency:Social work:Community nurse assistant:Nuisance care worker for seniors:Community corrections worker:Television and radio professional:Social workers assistant:Psychologist assistant:Social services assistant:Clerk assistant:Clinical social worker in an adult psychiatric facility:Clinic nurse assistant assistant:Therapist assistant:Advocacy services assistant in the community:Criminal justice assistant in jail:Community outreach coordinator:Social care assistant:Home improvement worker:Social service assistant:Family caregiver:Community mental health nurse assistant in an outpatient clinic:Community coordinator:Cultural and environmental health professional assistant in foster care:Family care aide in the foster care system:Community education coordinator:Community organizer:Community development specialist:Community worker in the local community:Community relations manager in a high school:Community liaison coordinator:Health education coordinator in a public school:Health and human services associate in a nonprofit social service organization:Volunteer health care assistant in child care:Child development associate in an educational institution:Crisis intervention and crisis intervention specialist in a child care facility:Child day care worker, preschooler, preschool teacher, school bus driver:Voluntary worker:Caregiver for seniors in the adult psychiatric institution:Community volunteer in an emergency shelter:Community educator in a youth-serving facility:Community community service coordinator:Hospitalization nurse assistant, family nurse assistant and family caregiver for children and youth:Child psychology nurse assistant for seniors and adults:Child welfare specialist, mental health therapist and social worker.

Hospitalized child care worker with disabilities:Child protective services specialist in the family home environment:Child-care facility manager in an assisted living facility:Voluntarinary technician in a facility:Therapeutic technician in an inpatient setting:Child social worker assistant in care settings:Social support worker:Dietician in the nursing home setting:Community resource officer in an institutional setting:Techie volunteer in a classroom:Child psychologist assistant:Children and youth therapist assistant:Child caregiver in a foster care setting:Clinician in a primary care facility setting:Counseling assistant in private practice:Psychotherapist assistant in psychotherapy:Psychiatrist assistant in primary care settings (except psychiatry):Psychologist in clinical settings (including psychiatry):Social worker in nursing homes:Social nurse assistant onsite:Student counsellor in a college campus:Student health care aide and volunteer health care support person in a residential treatment program:Volunter nurse assistant at a health facility:Worker in a medical laboratory:Volumetrician in a lab:Physical therapy assistant in dentistry:Dedicated care coordinator:Emergency medical technician and physical therapy technician:Emergency department physician assistant:Empirical researcher in an academic research center:Medical laboratory technician assistant:Medical technician assistant in emergency medicine:Physiotherapist in primary health care settings:(except psychiatry)Senior child care aide:Student care worker assistant:(except psychology)Associate clinical psychologist assistant:(only in primary or secondary care settings)Assistant clinical psychology specialist:(only)Community care aide for seniors:(only if a parent works in the care setting)Community worker assistant for children with disabilities:(only when a parent is working)Community education aide in a nursing home:(only for adults)Community outreach assistant:(not required for primary care workers)Community support worker:(not recommended for primary workers)Education assistant in elementary school:(only under special circumstances)

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