How to get in a club with a lot of cash

Citi, the bank, has a very clear message for its clients: If you can afford it, sign up.

The bank, however, has not given any details on how to get into a club where it expects to make more than €5 billion a year in revenue, and this is despite the fact that most of the club’s profits come from player sales.

Its main message, which it has published in its latest financial report, is that clubs can be profitable and have a great financial profile if they are willing to invest in their players.

Citi says the club with the biggest cashflow can have a better footballing strategy, invest more in its academy and have better financial stability than clubs with lower cashflows.

This is not new.

Citi has warned about the financial consequences of investing too much in players.

It has also highlighted how big-name players like Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez can leave for bigger clubs in less than a year.

But in general, it has been less explicit on how the money is spent.

There is also the issue of “dividend” – the money that is left after clubs have spent the money they earn on player wages.

The money goes to the directors and the players’ union.

Citigroup, the investment bank, says it spends almost 90 percent of its profits on player compensation, and its biggest spenders, like Chelsea, Manchester City and Bayern Munich, pay almost no dividends.

But, despite this, the banking giant has not taken a position on whether clubs should be allowed to make so much money.

The bank says its own research shows that if a club makes less than €1 billion a season, it is almost always better to stay out of the transfer market.

It has also said it does not want to see clubs “overpaying” players, as it says clubs should “have a fair deal” on players.

While the bank has been vocal in its criticism of clubs in recent years, it did not comment on the situation in Milan.

The club has a debt of about €2 billion, and has been trying to raise funds by selling the Serie A club to Chinese conglomerate Tencent, which is building a stadium.

Città, which has about 2,500 employees, is one of the most successful Italian soccer clubs, having won the league four times, the Champions League twice and the Coppa Italia once.

It is also a big target for the Chinese government.CITIB says its report will be published later this week.

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