Why I left PA jobs for the US

As part of a nationwide movement against pay discrimination, thousands of US teachers and school administrators across the country have chosen to resign or be laid off.

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My employer didn’t offer enough work for me to pay the bills and it was hard to find work in my field.

The pay was too low.

I didn’t get promoted to a better position, and I was offered less than the other candidates, my colleagues said.

The work was stressful, too.

I was stressed, especially during the holidays, when I could have spent more time with my family.

There were no benefits to stay, and my health and mental health suffered, my parents said.

As the protests against pay inequality continue to grow in the US, we need to talk about how we can ensure that this is not an issue in our classrooms.

Our school districts have long struggled to find the right balance between providing quality educational experiences and keeping costs down.

While some districts have already made some progress on these issues, they need to do more, said Jennifer Rizzo, the president of the National Education Association.

“We can’t afford to wait another two years to tackle pay discrimination,” she said.

We need to have a conversation about how to increase the pool of qualified teachers and provide more support to teachers to help them find work.

“But also, as we move forward, it’s important to recognize that we’re not done yet.”

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