Why the best jobs are in Hawaii, Alaska and Alaska’s newest casinos

Posted November 12, 2018 08:05:37Hawaii and Alaska have announced that they will launch the first commercial internet-enabled casino in the world.

The announcement, which came shortly after Hawaii announced it was adding a second casino to its island resort island of Kona, was made on Friday, the island’s first full day in the commercial internet service (CIS) era.

The islands first casino, called The Hawaiian Islands Resort Casino, will be located in the town of Kula, just south of Kilauea, and will have a capacity of up to 5,500 people.

“The casino is designed for a more sophisticated and competitive casino experience than traditional casinos,” the announcement read.

“It is expected to attract a broad range of guests, from professional gamblers to families, and is expected at a lower rate of inflation than the average hotel casino.”

The announcement comes just a week after Alaska Governor Bill Walker announced that the state was opening a new casino to lure tourists to the Arctic region.

“Our vision for the Arctic and our new casino in Alaska are about making Alaska the next big frontier for the global economy,” Walker said.

“We’re committed to building the world’s best resort community and welcoming visitors to Alaska.”

The casinos will be the second of their kind in the United States, and are likely to be the first to be fully internet-connected.

Hawaii and Alaska both announced in September that they had begun construction on their casinos, which will be connected to the internet via fiber optic cables.

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