Can I Work At The Nursing Home?

An article posted on craigslist, a dating website, indicates that prospective nursing home caregivers could work in nursing homes if they meet certain requirements.

Craigslist’s listing says that the company “has recently been expanding its nursing home hiring options, with a variety of positions in the field that will allow you to work in an assisted living facility and as a receptionist.”

The job description, which lists a “caregivers” title, doesn’t specifically say that a nursing home needs to be in an area with nursing homes, but the post does say that applicants must be able to work from home.

“The position of receptionist is a wonderful opportunity for individuals with a strong desire to support the people they love in their homes,” the post says.

“We offer a number of positions for individuals interested in this type of work, including the opportunity to work as a nurse, nurse assistant, nursing assistant supervisor, or an assistant to a nursing director.

You can find more information on these positions by searching for the position on craigs listing.”

The post doesn’t offer any specifics on what the positions will entail, but does say they are not limited to nursing homes.

Craigs listing also mentions that it is open to individuals from all walks of life, but that those who have specific nursing home experience or experience working in a nursing facility should apply.

The post also says that applicants who have a bachelor’s degree or higher in nursing or related subjects are encouraged to apply.

Applicants who apply will be contacted via email and asked for a phone number.

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