Gardaí say there are a number of jobs available at Mayo Clinic clinic

A gardaí is describing a number that could be offered at a Mayo Clinic job centre in Dublin as a “jobs-for-life” opportunity.

Speaking to The Irish Sun, the Garda National Drugs Unit (DNU) said it was aware of the possibility of a job offer from the Mayo Clinic Job Centre.

The job centre has more than 700 positions available and the DNU has also provided job seekers with information on the latest vacancies available.

The DNU said there are two options for job seekers to apply for the position.

If you are a current resident and need a temporary work permit you can apply directly to the job centre.

If your application has been received and approved you can contact the Job Centre directly, which will then apply for a work permit.

There is a one-week grace period after which an applicant must apply again to the Job centre for a further one-year permit.

If an applicant does not apply for one year they will be sent to a waiting list.

If the applicant does apply for more than one year the waiting list is not extended.

The National Drugs unit said that for people with a permanent or temporary work visa they are eligible for a three-month work permit, which is valid for four weeks.

The Dublin Job Centre has been providing accommodation to applicants in the past, but said it has no capacity to offer the job offer.

The Irish Sun contacted the Dublin Job Center for comment.

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