Google says it will no longer accept job interview question requests for the holiday season

Google announced today that it is stopping accepting job interview requests for December and January as the holiday shopping season approaches.

The search giant said that it would no longer process job interview applications that are “troubling” or contain “irresponsible questions” as it is “reviewing our processes.”

Google did not elaborate on the types of questions that it said it is reviewing and why it will stop accepting job interviews for this time of year.

The company previously said that hiring managers and hiring directors should be prepared to respond to job interviews that include “irrational” or “unreasonably vague” questions.

“We are reviewing our processes to better ensure that we are providing employees with the best experience possible, which includes an interview that takes into account all of the information available to the employer, including the specific information needed to complete the interview,” a Google spokesperson told The Verge.

“The best interview is the one that will help us hire the best people, and that means answering the questions posed in our job interviews fairly.”

This move comes as the tech giant continues to fight with the US Department of Labor over the definition of an independent contractor, which is an employee who is not required to work for a company for a predetermined period of time.

In June, the Department of Justice sued Google on behalf of its employees and claimed that the search giant had mischaracterized the definition.

Google argued that it does not employ any independent contractors in the United States, and its definition of “independent contractor” applies to all workers.

Google argued that its definition is not vague and that it will allow employees to determine whether they are “independent contractors” under the law.

The DOJ has filed a brief with the Supreme Court on behalf the agency.

The agency is likely to rule in favor of the company in the near future, and Google has until November 2 to respond.

Google is not the only tech company that has stepped up its efforts to protect its employees from job-related questions.

In August, Amazon said it was suspending all job interview practices for its US employees for the first time in 20 years.

The company also stopped accepting job applications from US employees at the beginning of this year.

Google has also started requiring all its employees to complete a series of online training modules to help them better understand their rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

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