How to get the best of both worlds: ‘It’s a job you do for yourself’

It’s a role you can be proud of and get paid for.

And you can get paid in both places.

That is the message being sent out by a company called Dominos.

The company, founded by Domino’s Pizza owner and CEO, Matt Rizzo, says it is now the only pizza place in the world where the employees get paid based on the hours they work.

The pizza maker, which has more than 200 locations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, said it is not a franchiser.

The job-related paychecks are the result of an internal survey.

The Domino family owns Pizza Hut and Papa John’s, but Dominos said its main focus is the pizza itself.

It does not have any franchising rights in the states in which it operates.

So what happens when you make the job?

Dominos is asking its workers to fill out a questionnaire and provide their names and ages and a few other information, to be used to calculate how much they will be paid based upon the hours worked.

The survey, which will take place between Jan. 1 and March 31, is to determine how much each person makes and what their salary will be based upon that.

The average pay in Dominos’ U.s. franchisees is $37,400.

It also has more in-store locations and other locations around the country.

To qualify for this bonus, the worker must have been hired at least a year ago, have completed a minimum of 16 hours a week and have passed the interview and interview training required for the job.

A company spokeswoman said the company did not receive any compensation in connection with the survey and the bonus.

“The survey process was conducted independently of Domino S., Inc. and is being conducted by a third party independent survey company,” the spokeswoman said.

“The survey company is not affiliated with Domino Pizza.”

The survey was not the first time Dominos has paid employees based on hours worked and the pay will not be an exception, the spokeswoman added.

A Domino spokesman did not return phone calls seeking comment.

A spokesman for Pizza Hut, which is owned by the same group of investors as Dominos, said the franchisees get a salary based on their hourly rates, which can be higher for workers who work in restaurants.

In an email, a spokesperson for Papa John said the survey is not tied to the Dominos pay plan.

The Pizza Hut spokesperson said the pay plan also does not require employees to report overtime.

“In addition, there are no plans in place to make it mandatory for employees to submit overtime data to the company, including overtime pay,” the spokesperson said.

Pizza Hut and Pizza Hut employees are not allowed to talk about the compensation they receive in interviews, the company said in an email.

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