How to get your new job

The U.S. labor market is improving and job seekers are beginning to take steps to prepare for a new job.

The Labor Department reported Friday that jobs grew at a robust 3.1 percent rate in June.

That’s slightly higher than economists had expected.

The labor market, however, still remains very weak and employers are not ready to start filling jobs.

The unemployment rate remains at 4.7 percent.

There is still plenty of slack in the labor market.

More people than ever are looking for jobs and not getting them, but employers need to fill those openings.

Employers need to increase wages to keep workers in the workforce.

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour.

The federal minimum is $5.25, and states and localities can set their own minimums.

If you are looking to fill a job or start a new one, you can find information on how to apply for unemployment insurance and how to get benefits.

For information on the job market, see our fact sheet: The jobs market is good, but we need to do more.

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