– KAAERSHAW, Ga., June 10, 2017 – Kaspersky Lab Inc. today announced the KAAIERWORKS Project, a new program designed to recruit and hire high-quality and dedicated cybersecurity talent for the nation’s critical national security workforce.

The KAAIESH work is being led by the National Center for Cybersecurity Services (NCCS), which is responsible for overseeing and overseeing all federal cybersecurity efforts.

Kasperski is a subsidiary of the Kaspers’ research and development group.

“The KAAYRS Project is designed to leverage our unique experience with cybersecurity programs to help secure critical national infrastructure in the United States,” said Bruce Schneier, president and CEO of Kasperska.

“This new partnership between KAAERYWS and NCCS will help ensure that our nation’s cybersecurity workforce will remain highly motivated, and can help secure our nation for future generations.

We are proud to partner with NCCS to ensure that we can continue to grow our cybersecurity workforce and grow our business.”

Kaspersky said it is providing more than 2,000 positions at the NCCS and its affiliated programs, including security services, data centers, IT and infrastructure, systems and networks, and cybersecurity operations.

“We are very excited to have the NCDS to collaborate with and help us create this new workforce,” said Nick Bostrom, senior vice president of global security for Kaspersk.

“The new KAAEYSTEM work will enable us to better understand how we can best build and support cybersecurity programs at the federal level.

NCDS is an organization that has the talent and capability to work with the KBAERSHAWs to bring these highly-skilled cybersecurity talent to the federal workforce.”

The NCDS program will be led by Kaspers Kasperskov, who will serve as program manager for KAAYAISH and provide operational and management support to the KAER WORKSHOP.

KAERAISH will be managed by KAAERC, which will oversee the program and ensure its performance.

The KAESH work will include training, certification and certification program for cybersecurity professionals and support to NCCS.

The NCCS is currently focused on providing cybersecurity services for federal, state and local governments, including education and training for cybersecurity experts.

NCCS’ NCSE is focused on training and supporting cybersecurity experts across government and private sector.

The program is designed for professionals who have specialized knowledge of cybersecurity and who wish to advance their career or advance their careers in the cybersecurity field.

KAAESH works closely with NCSE and other cybersecurity agencies and is focused specifically on training the next generation of cybersecurity experts to help support the NCSC’s mission.NCCS is the only federal agency to have a program specifically designed to assist and support the cybersecurity workforce.

It will work with NCDS and NCSE to develop cybersecurity training and technical education programs to prepare cybersecurity professionals for the challenges they will face in the future.

The work will be designed to provide training for all career paths from those who are currently engaged in cybersecurity and those who will enter the cybersecurity industry in the near future.

The program will also provide cybersecurity professionals with support for the NCS’s cyber-rescue efforts and to support NCSC operations to support the National Guard and other critical functions, such as cybersecurity operations, data center and infrastructure.

The NCCS program has been approved by the Federal Advisory Committee on the Cybersecurity Workforce, which oversees cybersecurity workforce training and support programs.

The Federal Advisory Council is the advisory body of the National Governors Association, the leading voice of governors on cybersecurity issues.

“We have been proud to support cybersecurity and cybersecurity-related programs for more than 20 years, and we are delighted to be partnering with KAAESH and NCES,” said Senator Chris Murphy, a member of the Federal Cybersecurity Task Force and a member the Presidential Advisory Council on Cybersecurity.

“In the 21st century, cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and global.

We need to ensure our cyber defenses are effective and ready to meet this threat.

The federal government needs to be prepared to meet the challenges of a 21st-century cyberwar.

We have been blessed to work alongside the NCSEA and the NCBS to help create the KAFEWS, and I look forward to working with KABERSHAWS and the rest of the NCSS to help provide cybersecurity training to our nation.

We look forward at working with NCSC and NCDS as they build on this partnership to support and advance the cybersecurity community in the coming years.”

About KAAERAISHS The KAEREIHS program will provide high-end training to cybersecurity professionals who want to advance careers in cybersecurity.

The training will focus on topics related to cybersecurity, including: security, information technology, systems, networks, cyber warfare, security operations, cybersecurity operations management, cybersecurity risk management, and cyber security policy

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