Nursing jobs trending again

NEW YORK — Nursing job postings for July 1 are up over last month and are trending again, according to a new report by the National Association of Realtors.

The NAR reports that the average rent for a two-bedroom unit in the U.S. increased by 5.3 percent from the previous month, to $1,566.50.

The median rent increased by 1.3 percentage points, to an average of $1.82 per square foot, while the average monthly mortgage payment rose by $40.50, to a median of $5,000.

In the past month, the number of new listings for nursing jobs fell to a seasonally adjusted annual average of 3,081.

The number of vacancies in nursing was down 0.2 percent, to 2,979.

In New York City, there are 3,716 vacancies for nursing.

“While we still have a number of areas that remain unfilled for nursing, we do have a greater number of nursing vacancies available than at any time in the past several years,” said Rebecca Harkness, a spokeswoman for the association.

Nurses who are seeking a position at a community health center, nursing home or other care facility may want to consider seeking a job at a private or nonprofit nursing facility, she said.

The number of jobs that are open for nurses in the health care sector is up 3.5 percent year-over-year.

In the health service sector, the total number of openings is up 1.9 percent.

A majority of jobs in the medical and social work sectors are now open for jobs, the NAR report said.

In nursing, more than one in three jobs is open for nursing care workers, up from one in five a year ago.

Job postings in the nursing industry for July are up by 2.6 percent year over year.

The increase was driven by a 4.4 percent increase in positions in the public health and social service sectors.

The number and rate of openings for nursing positions fell by 1 percent from a year earlier, the report said, but was up 2.5 percentage points from the number and the rate of vacancies, which rose by 1 percentage point.

The NAR reported that the median rent for two- and three-bedroom apartments rose to $2,099.30 in July, while a median rent was $2.67 in the first quarter of this year.

The median rent rose for all workers in the sector, but the number rose the most for non-care workers, the association said.

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