What is the federal government doing about the jobs crisis?

A federal worker is being laid off as part of the government shutdown.

Federal workers are not the only ones being laid-off.

CBS News has learned from several sources that there are more than 100,000 federal jobs that have been cut, some for up to two weeks.

The government shutdown has created an estimated $7 billion in job cuts in the federal workforce, according to CBS News’ count.

The federal government has cut back its workforce by more than 4 million workers.

Federal employees, who make up the majority of federal workers, are also seeing layoffs in other sectors.

The government has laid off more than 10,000 employees in the last few months, according the Department of Labor.

The cuts in government jobs are coming from a number of sources.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is being forced to close more than 1,300 facilities and lay off thousands of employees.

The VA is trying to keep its workforce from shrinking by cutting back on its veteran workforce, which is now about 1.6 million.

In addition, the government is cutting back federal hiring, particularly in the military.

The federal government is also cutting back by closing down its workforce and laying off employees.

The National Guard and Reserve are being reduced by nearly 40 percent in the past two weeks, CBS News senior investigative producer Robert Hall reported.

The military is also taking a hit.

The military is getting rid of 1.3 million soldiers and sailors in the latest round of budget cuts, but the cuts are happening at the same time as cuts to the defense budget, according a military spokesman.

Army Gen. Robert Caslen, the top commander in the Army National Guard, is trying out new training in the new military pay system, Hall reported, adding that the cuts will be felt across the Army.

Caslen has been working with the military to try to make it easier for the military personnel who have not yet completed their military service to be reinstated, Hall added.

The layoffs also come as Congress tries to avoid another shutdown.

House Republicans have proposed a bill that would raise the debt ceiling to avoid a government shutdown, but President Obama has said the bill would be unacceptable and has called for a shutdown.

The Senate has passed a measure that would extend the debt limit through Dec. 15, but it will be up to the House to take up the measure and pass it, according CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Lesley Stahl.

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