‘Bureau of Labor Statistics’ posts jobs with ‘nose jobs’

The “Bureau for Labor Statistics” published an article on Tuesday titled “BNSF jobs with nose jobs” that describes the jobs with the most nasal hair.

“Nose jobs” refers to the work performed by people who use their noses to pull the strings on air conditioners, as well as in the cleaning and servicing of air conditioner units, according to the article.

A similar article by the National Association of Manufacturers and the American Association of Colleges and Employers has similar descriptions of work in that profession.

The “NOSE jobs” job description, published on the BLS website on Tuesday, describes the work of “the nose technician” as “a skilled, hands-on technician, with a nose for a job and a penchant for getting things done.”

The BLS describes the job description as “the skilled hands-ons” because the person working in the nose job is not actually involved in cleaning the air condition unit, but instead the unit itself, according the “BLS” article.

The BNSF employs about 13,000 employees in the United States, including 1,600 at its main offices in Wichita, Kansas, and a small number of employees in other locations.

In addition, the BNSH employs about 1,100 employees in facilities outside of Wichita.

A spokesperson for the BNL said that the BSL did not include those employees in its list of jobs in the job descriptions.

The Wichita BNL did not respond to CNBC’s request for comment on the “nosejobs” job listing.

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