How to make your job as a hockey player more appealing for employers

The NHL has hired a group of hockey coaches who are already working in the business of promoting teams around the league.

But a group that’s been working in this area for decades is now expanding.

The New York-based NHL Business Group says it hired a new director of marketing and branding for its hockey business to take over the role of marketing director. 

The new role will include advising the league on ways to better engage with the business community and the general public. 

“Our business is growing, so we’re always looking for ways to grow and engage the fan base,” said David Kallman, NHLB chief marketing officer.

“That’s why we are also looking for the best business-minded people in our organization to help us achieve this goal.”

The hiring of the new marketing director is a sign that the league is starting to think about what kind of outreach to its fan base is going to be necessary to grow the business and build a loyal fan base.

The NHL has been trying to expand beyond the hockey rink for decades.

It hired a team of coaches in the 1980s and early 1990s to work in the sports and entertainment industry.

But that wasn’t enough.

“There are so many great business opportunities in the game and we are trying to find the right people who will bring that to our games,” Kallmen said. 

When it comes to the league’s advertising, the NHL has also seen success through its partnerships with ESPN, NBC, Fox, and MLB.

“The success of our advertising campaigns have been great.

We’ve had more than $4 billion in ad spend and we’ve had the highest TV ratings of any league in the country for the past decade,” Kalman said.

“It’s something we really appreciate and something we’re very proud of.”

The NHLB says the new role in the marketing department will help the organization target more of its ad spend on social media. 

More: The NHL is adding another marketing director who will be tasked with improving the brand of its teams.

“We’re in the same market as our players.

It’s just that they’re playing in a different league,” Kalo said.”

I think it’s going to make a big difference for the league, for the sport and for the industry as a whole.”

The job comes with a bonus: $30,000 a year for five years.

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