U.S. Dept. Of Labor: ‘We don’t think that we can use this as an excuse to fire people’

The U.N. human rights body says it is investigating the hiring practices of U.K. recruitment agencies, but the U.C.L.A. and U.F.O. companies say the UCC is an impartial source.

The UCC said Friday it has interviewed three U.U.K.-based recruitment agencies and four U.L.-affiliated recruitment firms.

The companies are not named in the report, which says they do not receive government funding.

It says the UCRB and the UCA have investigated, and that UCC has interviewed recruitment agencies that have received government funding, including the UCL-UCC.

“This is a serious issue,” said Mark Ward, an assistant secretary of state for the UCT.

“We don�t think that the UCO and the LCA, the two largest recruitment agencies in the UK, are a suitable source of data to use as an explanation for what they are doing.”

UCC President Mary McLeod said the report is based on interviews with three recruiters in the United Kingdom.

The three UCC-accredited recruitment agencies said they received no government funding for their work.

UCO, UCL and UCA spokeswoman Laura O’Connor said they are committed to investigating the allegations, but would not provide details.

U.CL spokeswoman Julie Hutton said the agency is “very concerned” about the allegations and that the recruitment agencies are “reviewing our processes and practices.”

The UCL said it will be conducting its own investigation.

“The UCOs recruitment practices in the UK are of utmost importance and we will continue to work closely with our partners in the government and civil society to ensure that the recruiting industry remains fully accountable,” Hutton wrote in an email.

UCC Director-General Michael Ratcliffe said in a statement that “we cannot support any recruitment practices that do not respect human rights or the protection of those who are under their care.”

“UCC is deeply concerned by the alleged use of UCO recruiters and the possible recruitment of people from countries with a record of human rights violations,” Ratcliffe wrote.

The agencies said in their response to the UAC that “all U.T. recruitment is conducted in accordance with our Code of Conduct.

In accordance with that Code of Ethics, we conduct interviews in accordance and with the highest professional standards.”

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