When will Walmart workers be paid?

The US retailer has been struggling to meet its wage obligations to its more than 16,000 workers and many workers have been paid less than minimum wage for weeks.

Walmart has not said what it will do to make up the difference and what impact the company might have on its workforce.

What you need to know about wage disputes in Australia The wage dispute at Walmart in Melbourne has been resolved.

It is the latest in a series of wage disputes at the company, including the decision last year to pay workers less than the $US18.70 an hour they were entitled to.

The company has since promised to increase pay and provide additional benefits.

Walmart Australia, the company’s corporate parent, says it has already committed to pay at least $US1 million in a wage dispute settlement.

What’s the impact on workers?

The wage disputes come at a time when the US retail giant has been trying to improve its image abroad, and its workforce has been making gains.

However, a recent report by the US Chamber of Commerce, a business lobby, found Walmart was “overpaid by about $US50 million a year”.

The chamber said the company was not doing enough to provide employees with a fair wage and conditions.

Walmart is also facing criticism from unions who say it is paying workers below the national minimum wage and that it has failed to properly monitor workers’ hours.

Walmart said it had “learned from the experience of Walmart”.

“While we have not been able to determine how many of the 16,800 workers we employ are paid below minimum wage, we are continuing to do our best to help ensure that our associates are paid their fair share,” it said in a statement.

“We are taking the steps we need to to ensure that associates receive the compensation they deserve.”

It said it was also working to “restructure our compensation structure” to “ensure fair pay and fair conditions for our associates”.

The company is not the only major retailer facing a wage wage dispute.

The National Australia Bank has also faced complaints over its wage payment structure, which is different to that at other retail firms.

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