Which jobs are the most dangerous?

The jobs that get the most attention in Reddit’s r/all job thread tend to be the ones that require a lot of technical knowledge and/or a lot technical responsibility.

Some of these are pretty serious, while others are just casual tasks.

While there are plenty of job postings that are technically interesting, the most popular are actually just simple repetitive tasks that don’t have any serious application.

In some cases, you can still make a pretty decent living in this field, but they’re usually not worth your time.

The most common job is the “technical” one, which involves doing repetitive tasks and solving problems.

This kind of job requires a lot more technical knowledge than the one mentioned above, but it’s still a good job.

The last job is a more creative one.

While it requires a bit more technical skills, it can still pay pretty well and there are lots of creative, entertaining projects that can be done here.

However, the main reason why these jobs are still so popular is because they can be fairly easy to get into.

This is because, when it comes to making money, people are generally less motivated to work at a job that requires a high amount of technical skill.

Theres a good chance that, if you work at an extremely difficult job, you won’t be able to get much money out of it.

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