Which team is the best in Italy with respect to national football?

Sport is often thought of as the sport of the rich and famous, but a growing number of people believe it can also be the sport for the humble.

On Monday, IBTimes UK took a look at the best football clubs in the country and asked which team was the best at producing players who would be world class.

The list is comprised of teams with a history in the top flight, with only two of the top three having less than a decade of Premier League history.

The club that made the most of its opportunities, and has a history of producing quality footballers, is Inter Milan.

The Italian club has won three Serie A titles and three Coppa Italia trophies in the past decade, but it has also struggled in the Europa League, where it has lost three times and drew one.

It is the club that has always been most in demand in the Premier League, but has been largely overlooked in the Champions League, despite finishing sixth in the standings last season.

The Bianconeri’s record in the competition was disappointing, and their inability to keep up with the other top clubs in Europe has seen them fall to fifth this season.

This season, they will have to do without goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, who was ruled out with an ankle injury and has not featured for the club since November.

Inter has a strong squad, with Marco Verratti, Luciano Spalletti, Sergio Busquets, Andrea Belotti, Alessandro Florenzi and Federico Chiesa among its players.

But while the Bianconeri have been relatively successful in recent years, the club has never been able to replicate the success of their Serie A predecessors. 

The team has been relatively inconsistent in recent seasons, losing all three of its previous seasons and winning just one trophy in the last ten years.

The only other Italian club with a more successful history in European football is Inter’s rivals in Italy’s Serie B. At the end of last season, Juventus beat Lazio 3-1 in the Scudetto final, but the Biancocelesti were not able to beat Juventus again, losing 3-0 to Inter Milan in the Super Cup final.

The Nerazzurri’s history in Serie A is even more impressive.

Since the 1970s, the Biancan outfit has won nine consecutive league titles and a Serie A title, as well as a Copa del Rey and two Italian Cup championships.

The last time Juventus won the Champions Cup was in 1998, when the Nerazzuardino finished fourth.

Since then, the team has won just one league title and a Copas del Rey, while Juventus have won six Champions League titles.

Juventus’ success in the league has not been matched by their success in Europe.

They are currently fifth in the table with only four points from seven matches, but are already a point behind Real Madrid, who are second in the division.

The biggest reason why Inter is often considered the best team in Italy is the fact that they have had success in their domestic competitions.

In their domestic cup competition, they have won eight consecutive trophies, with a third place finish in the 2007/08 season helping them to their third European Cup.

Juve won the Coppa Conte Cup in 2007 and 2008, while the two seasons after that they finished fourth and fifth respectively.

The team is also considered one of the best when it comes to the domestic competitions, with the Nerazos having won the Italian Cup twice and the Champions Trophy two times.

In addition to being one of Europe’s most successful clubs, Juventus is also the first team in the history of the club to win the Champions league.

The Nerazio’s history of winning the trophy is also unique, with three different winners of the trophy in their history.

In the 2005/06 season, Gianlui Buffon took the title after guiding Juventus to their first major trophy in 26 years. 

In 2012/13, they were crowned champions, with Juve winning the Coppell Trophy, which is awarded to the club with the best record in Serie B at the end the season.

In 2016, they also finished runner-up to Juventus, beating them 4-1 at home, before winning the Supercoppa in Rome.

It was then that they became the first club in Serie D history to win a championship in the same season, after finishing second in Serie E, and then winning the Champions’ Cup. 

Juventus also won the Scenario Cup in 2009, and in 2010 they were also awarded a second Champions’ Trophy, after beating Inter at home in the final of the Coppe Italia.

Since 2010, Juventus have also won both the Coppo Italia and the Europa league.

However, it has always come down to one final game, and the Biancomanias only win the Cocciitana this season is due to the fact they had

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