Which U.S. cities have the most job openings?

As of March 30, the U.K. had a total of 2.45 million job openings for people over the age of 25.

On a global level, it’s the highest number since July.

This was driven by the rise in the number of people between 18 and 24 in the U, with London posting the most openings.

Here’s how it breaks down: U.K.: 2.46 million Canada: 1.84 million Australia: 1 million New Zealand: 1,637,000 Germany: 814,000 India: 829,000The U.A.E. had 738,000 openings, but the highest numbers were recorded in South Africa, Brazil and Indonesia, where the U’s total was 1.85 million.

While the Us population continues to grow, the country’s economy has been struggling with low commodity prices and a shrinking labour force.

The U.B.N. says unemployment will rise to 13.3% by the end of 2020, and the country has experienced its highest rate of unemployment in the past 15 years.

It’s the second consecutive year that unemployment has reached 12.3%.

The Us also had the most vacancies for people aged 25 to 54, at 6.8 million, the highest rate in the world.

Australia’s total number of job openings was 1 million, down slightly from January.

This followed Australia’s 0.6% rise in January, but down on the 1.3 million openings in the prior three months.

In the U., the number for those aged 18 to 24 jumped from 6.9 million to 6.84.

In the U U.N., it was 1,788,000, up from 1.6 million. 

Brazil, which is experiencing its worst economic downturn in decades, posted its largest number of openings ever at 1.89 million, but it was down slightly on the 2.2 million openings for 18-24 year olds last year.

Indonesia’s total of openings fell to 621,000 from 623,000 in January.

The Philippines, which has the world’s fourth largest economy, has the highest unemployment rate of 15.3%, the lowest for any of the countries surveyed.

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