How to find the perfect job for you

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Use an email address you can trust.

If you use a personal email address for your job application or for any other business purpose, it’s probably better to use one that’s linked to a trusted email address.

The practice helps you avoid phishing scams and helps keep your inbox clean.

But some employers may require you to sign a form saying that you agree to that address.

Here’s how to use an email account for your business or job application.


Follow the company’s policies.

Make sure your company doesn’t have a bad reputation for hiring people from other countries.

For example, a company that advertises itself as hiring only from “safe countries” may be limiting your chances of getting a job.

And the company that claims to be hiring only “the best” might not have policies or procedures to protect your privacy or to avoid abuse.


Follow your company’s privacy policy.

Make your own decisions about who you work with and what you share with them.

If a company has a policy about how it uses and shares your information, you can read it or ask your employer to update it.

If the policy doesn’t cover your data, you should ask your supervisor or the company to revise it. 4.

Avoid sites that are full of ads.

Advertisements for jobs, for example, or for products and services that you can’t find online are also bad practices.


Avoid job sites that advertise in-person interviews.

Job sites are a good place to find opportunities for advancement.

However, they may be full of spam, so you may want to avoid them altogether.


Use search engines that don’t target your interests.

These are companies that are known to filter search results for people who use certain terms.

If your employer doesn’t list any of them, it might not be a good idea to search for a job, because you might end up with a site that targets your interests or products that you find objectionable.

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