VA job openings up in March: Air Force job openings increase, job seekers report

VA job vacancies up across the board in March as the military continues to deal with its war-torn, rebuilding process.

Military job seekers in the U.S. are posting their most jobs openings on social media.

A new Army recruitment ad features a military recruit named “Tasha,” who writes that she wants to become an Air Force officer.

The ad shows a military recruiter posing with a man in a camouflage uniform and asking Tasha if she has a question about her application.

The man then gives her a test.

The Army recruiting ad for Army recruits in February showed a recruiter with a face-to-face interview with a recruit who was able to answer the question correctly.

The Army said the job posting had been removed from the internet.

Army recruiter, posing with Army recruit, questions the applicant, posing as a recruite, about her military application.

The Air Force has been trying to get more job candidates into the ranks, with about 10,000 applicants a month.

The agency has been testing applications for the last few months, and has seen more candidates show up.

The Pentagon has also been encouraging applicants to apply through the military-wide website.

The Pentagon said it’s seeing more applicants through the website than it has in the past few months.

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