Why are so many US cities struggling with a lack of clean water and air?

More than one million people are expected to gather at the White House on Monday to call for an end to the use of fossil fuels in the US.

Organisers say the crowd is a call to action and are encouraging people to take action.

Organiser and writer Amy Lee tells the Guardian: “This is the first of many, many rallies across the country this week to make sure that the planet doesn’t go extinct and that we have the tools to protect ourselves and our planet.”

We want the public to see that these people care.

They are not out to harm anyone or destroy the environment.

They care.

“Ms Lee says the group will also make a call for the US to join the Paris climate accord.”

There’s a growing climate crisis and there’s a global climate crisis, and that is really the only way to save this planet from destruction and we need to make that the priority for the next generation,” she said.

The US is the world’s second largest polluter, and emits about three-quarters of the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the country is the third largest emitter of CO2 in the world, behind China and the UK.

More:The EPA estimates the nation has emitted nearly 1.3 trillion metric tons of CO 2 since 1990, about 13 per cent of global emissions.

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