Trump is right to say the media are out of control

The American right has a lot to celebrate today, but the right wing is hardly celebrating the way the mainstream media is shaping up to be.

I think that what the Trump administration has done, and what Trump has been doing, is not only to turn back the clock on the media’s dominance in the United States, but also to turn the media on itself.

And it’s been an extraordinary accomplishment.

So the media, it turns out, is out of its mind.

So many people are going to get hurt.

And it’s really a shame.

The Trump administration is also pushing back against the media by promoting new media outlets like Breitbart and Fusion, which are far more critical of the mainstream and the left than any of the traditional news outlets.

They have been embraced by the Trump campaign.

And they have also been embraced in some cases by the Democrats, who have taken credit for their success.

The new media is coming under a lot of criticism for their tactics.

You have a lot more coverage on the left.

They’re not getting enough coverage.

They are under siege.

But you know, the media is also under siege because they’re under attack by Donald Trump.

And the media has been trying to find some ways to defend itself against that attack.

But what you’re seeing is an erosion of the media in the U.S. that I think is happening on a daily basis, because the left has taken over much more.

I think that you have a very large number of journalists in the country who are not in journalism, who are doing the jobs of journalists and not being paid enough to do their jobs.

I would hope that they would be protected from this assault.

They’ve been under attack for decades.

And we’ve seen a rise in attacks on journalists.

I know that this is a very dangerous situation.

I have been in the media business for 20 years, and I’ve never seen anything like it.

What we’re seeing now, as a result of the attacks on the press, is an incredible amount of people, particularly young people, going into the media and starting their own news organizations.

They think that they’re going to be able to do something different.

They know that if they do that, they’re not going to need to take on the big organizations, the big corporate news organizations, that have been the ones that have allowed this sort of attack on them.

They want to make their own independent media.

And that is exactly what this administration is doing.

They need to protect these new media from the onslaught of corporate and liberal news organizations that are now threatening them.

And in doing so, they are going in the wrong direction.

Now, I would not suggest that the press is out-of-control.

The press is working in a very important way.

And you have to be careful not to use that term too much.

It’s not accurate to call them the media that is out there.

The truth is that they are very much in control.

They control their own message.

They don’t have to deal with the left or the right.

They can take their message to the American people, to the country and to the world.

And this is exactly why they are so popular in this country.

They get a lot done.

They write a lot.

They talk a lot about a lot things.

So what is going on in the world today?

I think we’re in a state of total and utter chaos.

I mean, it’s like a war zone.

And I’m not saying that there’s no hope.

But I think what we’re facing is a situation that has never existed in history before.

To have a president who says he’s going to put a halt to the attack on our democracy and on our press, and to say that he’s not going for war, you know what I mean?

That’s a very, very dangerous thing to do.

And if you are going for a war, if you’re going for the overthrow of the system, then that’s going too far.

There is an awful lot of danger in the Trump presidency.

We just had the terrible experience of seeing the President-elect of the United Kingdom, who was an American citizen, become president of the world, who is an ally of Russia.

The next president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, who has a very authoritarian and authoritarian record, who also has a great record in undermining democratic institutions, that is a dangerous position to be in.

It is also a dangerous situation in Europe.

We’re seeing right now a situation in which European governments are turning their backs on the United Nations.

The United Nations has been a pillar of stability and peace in Europe for years.

And so we’re looking at the possibility of Europe’s leaders, especially in Europe, turning their back on the UN.

And as a consequence, I think Europe’s peace and stability is being endangered, and that is going to hurt a

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